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Now, what did I just wander into... No way.......
(01-07-2020, 09:29 AM)Drashner1 Wrote: Hi Will, Welcome to OASmile
 Thank you Todd for such an in-depth response. I can't wait to dive into all these resources of the OGs you've provided me. I really appreciate you offering to help me. I'm quite certain than many of my concerns are unwarranted. In some regards, I've told my friend in passing that, "It works because it works, they have no right to keep me from using that!"
But your example of Brin with his Uplifts is both wonderful and inciteful on how to proceed. In fact, it inspires! My personal provolve is focused more on the design of a single species as the one of focus. I had not yet formally classified it, or its specific intelligence status by name. Or what their formal classification would be called. I almost feel compelled to honor you and the work you've accomplished by referring to them as provolves in my own text. But that's an offer of affection similar to yours to Brin. I'd understand if your response reflects his.
I have an identifier I call "intellectual kin" but I haven't reached a point to really delve into. Something I do when thinking about properties of how evolution and technology will advance together more detail yet because my story hasn't called for it yet. I am proud to say I have stayed more story and character driven, but that is also because I am only just writing book one and the chance to elaborate has not yet arrived for many aspects.
Your system is brilliant and I can't wait to read through them in detail. I've been skimming and I am, again, amazed by the quantity and quality. Go internet!
Other than naming, which I'm sure there won't be any real issue as those are hard to match, I am a little curious if my idea for a wormhole generator is already taken and would look bad to use. I really like mine and might refuse to change it.

It is a megastructure built like a belt around a stars. It is extremely close. In one point of the circle, is a circle for the wormhole to generate in. To prevent the ring from being crushed by the stars gravity, it spins really fast. To get into the wormhole, you have, to catch it while it spins, which makes for a wild ride for an unenhanced human from the early 21st century. That's around 30 AT, am I correct?

Other than those trivial concerns, I guess there really isn't anything for me to really be worried about. Instead, I'll just join in the fun and see you all around the forum. Thanks for such a great invite. This is only the second forum I've ever interacted with.

Will the Wanderer --aka the Wandering Will --aka the Nomad --aka Wild Will --aka Will

"Not all that wander are lost."
~JRR Tolkien

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