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Hello! Regarding posts
(01-16-2020, 10:26 PM)Everything4404 Wrote: Can you post on the OA website and make your own stories... etc?

Also, any recommended stories to read and etc?

Hi There - Welcome to OA!

Virtually the entire OA project is built from the contributions of the membership over the years, so in that sense the answer to your question is - Yes, absolutely!

That said, the actual process that we use is for all new contributions to be posted here on the forum first for discussion and review by the other members (which includes the Editors). The review process is sort of a wash-rinse-repeat affair where those members who are so inclined offer critiques and suggestions about how the contribution should be modified to fit with the OA setting, or be in line with real world science, or even basic self-consistency or common sense or whatever.

While the author is not required to make every little style change that may be suggested, they are expected to modify the submission where needed and post a fresh version to the forum for further review and discussion. Note that authors are free to take part in review discussions as they are happening. This process cycles for a bit until no new ideas or changes are suggested and a final version of the submission is produced. At that point, one of the Editors will take it up and get it loaded to the website, usually within 30-60 days.

For general ideas that may become an article or story, we recommend using the General Setting Discussion sub-forum. For draft versions of actual EG articles, we recommend posting to the Encyclopedia Galactica sub-forum. For stories, the Creative Writing sub-forum. But we're not overly hardcore about this and won't bite your head off if you post to the 'wrong' place. If we really care that much, one of the staff will probably move it to where it needs to go.

For a much more detailed version of all this, please see our How to Contribute page. In looking at it, it needs a bit of an update (adding to my To-Do list), but is overall correct. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or raise any concerns you may have about any part of it. That also goes for any aspect of the OA setting. And of course feel free to join any conversations that take your interest or to start a new thread if you want to discuss something that isn't currently being talked about.

The How to Contribute page includes a link to our Stories and Art pages if you want to start exploring that aspect of OA. Unfortunately, I have to start my work day (pesky need to make money to survive!Tongue), but will loop back later as time permits with my personal recommendations for stories. I'm sure others will be weighing in to say 'Hi' as well and possibly offering their own thoughts on all this as well.

Hope this helps and once again: Welcome to OA Big Grin


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