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Hello Orion's Arm!
(03-20-2020, 08:31 PM)QuantumJack1 Wrote: I was only a reader of the OA site, but decided to create something until recently. My interest mainly focus on worldbuilding like designing planetary systems and biospheres, and there are some questions:

1, How are the future development of science and technology be figured out in the OA universe? I wonder how the megastructures are built and why the light speed is still impossible to surpass.

2, How the NoLWoCS is designed to classify the planets? To what degree is this classification scientific? I think the classification should be most scientific as possible and have some real examples for every class.

3, Why there are few real planets and systems? Adding more features to confirmed planetary systems could be better.

Hi! I'm The Astronomer, and I work on planets and stuff. Currently on a break, but I should return at some point in the near future.

1) Not really my field, but the reason light speed is still impossible to surpass is that current physics says so. Orion's Arm is based on the assumption that physics as we know today is correct. Things could certainly change in the future, of course.

2) We're working on that. It seems to have split into an entirely new classification system though. Check the planetary classification thread out!

3) Personally, I'd love to see more of them! Join us, grab a system, and work on it. Most regulars here don't really prioritize confirmed planets over fictional ones though, and with the planet moratorium for this year, I think we'll see more space habitat-focused systems, which is awesome. Most Terragens don't live on planets, especially not terraformed planets, and this year we're trying to reflect that.

Do you have any star system in mind?

P.S. if you're following exoplanet news and such, you could post updates in the Exoplanet Discoveries and Updates thread. Thanks!

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