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Artificial SNN olfactory demonstrates one shot learning
I'm reading through part of the study and another thing of note was that while it's difficult to train ANNs for new skills or new types of inputs even with transfer learning, it's relatively easy to do with SNNs. The artificial olfactory in the paper would use up some of a type of inhibitatory cell when it learned how to distinguish a new smell by specializing them to that smell and making them less plastic; after training a set of smells into the SNN, it could learn a new set of smells by generating a new set of inhibitory cells by simulating neurogenesis. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if SNNs become as popular as other ANN types this decade as more and more practical applications of their advantages are found.

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RE: Artificial SNN olfactory demonstrates one shot learning - by Gabrielle of Gaussia - 04-21-2020, 06:50 AM

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