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Connecting the Website and the Forums
Quote:extherianToday at 8:11 PM
No way to like an article, comment on it or interact in any way short of signing up for the forum
[8:11 PM]
I imagine folks are used to it, but I think it puts people off joining the discussion when the two sides are so distant from each other
Extherian on the discord raised a good point about the website - there is no real way to comment on articles, or whatever. This then got me to thinking.

The Idea:
There could be a button similar to the share button next to every article. This would be called the Discussion button, or the Talk button.
[Image: image.png]

Where would this go?: 
Well, on Wikipedia, they lead to quite technical pages.
The problem is that my intention isn't just technical, bug fixes, notes, etc for these pages. Rather, "in-universe" it goes to a Wikipedia-style technical discussion page, but in reality it redirects you to a thread on the forum. These threads would be in a special category on the forums. (extherian said that it took him years to discover the forums - which is just him, but this could make the forums more noticeable in case we got readers like that?) 

What would be these threads used for?:
As I imply-mentioned before, they would be used for all kinds of technical discussion, bug fixes, notes and so on. And with the addition of informal conversations, comments too.
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