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Connecting the Website and the Forums
(07-29-2020, 07:34 AM)extherian Wrote: My point in suggesting this on the Discord is that the Orion's Arm community isn't a fraction as active as it was in the early days of the project, and this is unlikely to change given the way the site and forums are structured now, which I feel is an impediment to future growth. While I would love this community to become more mainstream, I get that folks here are comfortable with the way things are and aren't particularly keen to change the status quo. And obviously, the idea was that people would still have to sign up for accounts to comment, just with a more direct link between reading articles and discussing them. It goes without saying that an anonymous commenting system would be unworkable.

These are interesting points
but as a more general question for the newer folks and maybe those who've been around since the beginning
could the higher activity actually have been due to lower barriers to entry, so to speak, or because all the low hanging fruit hadn't been taken yet? or other reasons? 
because there also wasn't as much consistency or careful editing as there is now, from what I understand. 

i'm curious if one of the reasons you "don't comment/edit on articles" because it's harder to comment on them, extherian? everything4044? (obviously you do comment and contribute a lot!)

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