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(07-29-2020, 09:49 AM)extherian Wrote: I feel like the political development of the setting in particular doesn't get much attention these days. It's rare that anyone fleshes out a major historical event, and we don't see many people proposing new powers like the Arion Ascendancy or the Perseus Princes any more. A certain amount of this is probably low-hanging fruit, you're right, but to this reader it seems as though history has ended for the Sephirotics. They've learned to coexist, have solved every problem that could be of relevance to a lesser being and appear unthreatened by anything save for the Amalgamation. The Oracle War was good stuff, but that was posted all the way back in 2006!

We currently have dozens of empires and polities named in the EG - and most of them have very little written up on them. We've tried in the past to suggest a dedicated month for a given empire - and then nobody, or almost nobody writes anything. Including the people who were all nodding vigorously when the idea was suggested.

More to the point - and you had to know this was coming - if you want to write about this aspect of the setting, what is stopping you?

Given the subject currently under discussion (lack of activity on the forums) I'm quite serious. Please explain why you - extherian - are not out here writing about this or some other element of the setting that interests you?

(07-29-2020, 09:49 AM)extherian Wrote: Also, as far as I know we don't have threads for commenting on existing articles, unless you're talking about articles in progress on the EG subforum?

We have the Suggestion Box subforum, we have a typo thread somewhere (could have sworn it was a sticky, but I don't see it) and there is nothing whatsoever stopping anybody from generating any thread on any topic they please, including commenting on an existing article.

Did someone give you the idea that commenting on existing articles is forbidden or the like?

Is there something - specifically - about OA that leads you or others to think that commenting on existing articles is not allowed?


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