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Topic Review - Esotericism
So - to kick this project off, and because it's also the oldest item on our project list - here is the first topic to consider for possible revision:


Neither Science nor Art, the Esoterics stand in the borderlands between phenomena like religion, mythology and urban folklore on the one hand, and noetics on the other. Included here are shamanism, magick, occultism, astrology, hermeticism, yoga, tantra, internal alchemy, merkabistics, theosis, chiistics, numinosity physics, psychotronics, and more. For some there is no substance at all to be found in the esoterics and they are anachronisms: memetic complexes that still feed parasitically on mindkind. For others esoterics represent the "technology of the sacred": the manipulation of reality via non-physical and non-causal means. Even a few transapients have been known to speak highly of the Esoterics.

I'm not at all familiar with the topic. Are there any changes that are needed or that would improve it?



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