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Topic Review - Esotericism
Esotericism is this topic:

At the moment, i don't know how to reword the text.
Maybe putting links in the words that have an article. [[Science]] , [[art]] , [[mythology]] , [[urban folklore]] , [[shamanism]] , [[magick]] , [[occultism]] , [[astrology]]. Etcetera. There are lots of this concepts.

The text currently is only one paragraph. Maybe expanding that into more paragraphs looks better.
For example:
- What esoteric is
- What esoteric is not.
That is inspired by the start: "Neither Science nor Art, "
A paragraph saying what is included. The different types. Inspired by "Included here are..." This part can be written as "different schools".

Another section of the text saying the theories against and In favour. Like "For some there is no substance" and "For others esoterics represent the "technology of the sacred" ".

Maybe a paragraph putting esoterics across the terragen bubble .

I don't have PC at the moment because i'm on holidays . But if you still need a sketch of a new text in the future, i return home in two weeks.

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