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Topic Review - Esotericism
(08-18-2020, 10:06 PM)Avengium Wrote: I don't have PC at the moment because i'm on holidays . But if you still need a sketch of a new text in the future, i return home in two weeks.

This would be very helpful - Thanks!

Esotericism as a subject is well outside my normal area of knowledge and interest. If you have more knowledge on the subject and/or an interest in expanding the article (or providing a framework to expand the article) that would be hugely helpful!

I think all the specific ideas you suggested sound great, but much beyond adding hyperlinks to the existing work, the suggested additions would require me to basically start from square 1 to try to figure out/research what is being discussed here and how to present it.

Any help you can provide in this area would be much appreciated!

In the meantime, the next Topic in chronological order of creation is Megacorps. I do know something about this in OA and have some definite notions about how it might be updated. Will post something on that in the near future.

Thank you again!


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