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Chimpanzees: Not as Strong as Thought?
I know we've made the comparison to chimp strength in conversation, but looking at the current article on Superior Genemods, it says:

Enhanced Musculature and size On average, Superiors are only slightly taller than nearbaselines, but some clades have gone further, increasing their average size to 2.4 meters. This increase in proportions allows for a proportionately larger brain, providing extra processing capacity for their cognitive functions. Their muscles are constructed differently from the nearbaseline norm, allowing their muscle fibers to work together more readily and with greater efficiency. As such, the average su is around 2-3 times as strong as a nearbaseline of equal size.

If there are specific comparisons to chimps or apes elsewhere in the EG then we should probably update those to reflect the Superior Genemods article.


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