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Chimpanzees: Not as Strong as Thought?
As it happens, today - and I almost didn't realize it might be relevant to this discussion - I picked up three church pews and carried them carefully out of the church building to load them onto a truck. These are oak benches about 3 to 4 meters long and mass probably 120 kilos apiece. The sanctuary they were in was tight and had a slanted floor and stairs and corners etc - with one thing and another there was no safe and quick way to get a dolly in and use it. And the pews were tightly packed, so they had to be lifted a full meter or so clear of the ground so you could even move or turn them without hitting the other pews.

The only solution that didn't involve logistics or going to get more help or find different equipment, etc - and pay for an extra two hours of truck rental - was just to pick them up, one at a time, lift them straight up to clear the other pews, and carry them out. So I did. I had to stop and pant for ten minutes or so after each one, but I did. My wife had bought three of the old pews, and we're going to refinish them to be weatherproof and use them outdoors as benches.

But ... this is ordinary. For a guy 2.1m tall, who's not made wispy-thin the way most tall people are, there's nothing really unusual about this except just doing it.

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