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Greetings! And a question/clarification/food for thought.
(09-03-2020, 08:19 PM)Vitto Wrote: If we assume that the void bubbles travel around 0.99c I guess that interception is impossible and close-in defenses based on wormhole linked interferometers are the only solution.

a) A simple fix for this issue would be to retcon the Metric Bomb article to say that such weapons suffer from reduced accuracy the greater the distance they have to cross (due to their small external warp bubbles making it hard for them to see where they're going) and this makes it impractical to fire them across interstellar distances. They basically have to be carried by some other type of vessel to at least the general vicinity of their target before being deployed.

I guess this is valid for a single void bubble, but metric bombs carry a wormhole and thus you have two point of view, making triangulation pretty easy.

The problem with that is that the exterior dimensions of the void bubbles are measured in picometers - too small to let in most wavelengths of light. You need to get into hard gamma rays to get something that can get inside the bubble (and most targets aren't going to put out a lot of those). Void ships are much larger (comparatively speaking) such that they can use visible wavelengths and presumably intermediate sized bubbles of some kind are possible. But presumably those are again harder to make.

Intercepting a void bubble is possible in principle - you just need a faster void bubble. Although all bubbles can move more or less arbitrarily close to lightspeed so it probably becomes more than a simple race.

(09-03-2020, 08:19 PM)Vitto Wrote: Let's try... In the EG page on the Valhalla Cluster is stated that:

It's probably best to leave the details of such a thing in the realm of theory and rumor and legend rather than trying to explain exactly how it works.

It might involve gravity waves, it might involve messing with the dimensionality of space-time ala implosion weapons, it might involve some kind of void bubble based interceptors tracking in via some method other than light, it might not exist

If I get a spare moment, I might also check with the original designer of our void bubbles and see what his thought on this are.


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