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Asteroid Apophis in 2068
(10-28-2020, 10:50 PM)Drashner1 Wrote: Still a tiny chance, but given the possible negative consequences - we might want to throw more funding at asteroid deflection research:


Earlier this year I engaged in some gallows humor that with the arrival of Covid now all we needed was an asteroid impact and an alien invasion to hit summer blockbuster trifecta. I'm beginning to worry I should have kept my mouth shut. Tongue


We're in that awkward century; still too early for an incoming asteroid to be hailed as a giant free delivery of minerals and materials, but already too late to completely ignore it because of inability to do anything at all about it (or inability to detect it).

By the time Apophis does come in on a collision course, for real, one of the challenges of dealing with the situation is going to be evacuating all the people in the path of the disaster - meaning, the ones who live there. And then we'll go to work on smelting their home, and, if there's any justice, awarding them some part of the commodity-market profits.

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