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Quanta article implies making something like comms wormholes in a laboratory!
(11-19-2020, 12:15 AM)syzithryx Wrote:

I can't say that I fully understood this, though I know a lot of the references (such as the AdS/CFT correspondence), but it seems to be implying that if the holographic principle as presently understood is correct, it may be possible to artificially create what are effectively comms-gauge wormholes in the lab, using effects from quantum mechanics.

Essentially, there's some reason to believe that two entangled black holes, or systems which operate *like* black holes, should be able to pass information instantaneously from one to the other *without* any need for a light-speed signal to decode it! Unless I'm misinterpreting the article.

Please, somebody with better physics knowledge than me, read this and look into it further and tell me what you think!

I can't claim more physics knowledge than you (if for no other reason than I don't know the extent of your physics knowledge Smile ) - but yes that does seem to be a strong implication of what they are describing (they aren't talking about creating a communications tool, however).

That said - a big qualifier seem to be the challenge of creating and maintaining quantum entanglement of a significant number of particles between two systems such that you could actually do this at all - let alone on a scale sufficient to send any kind of message. It's also not clear (to me anyway) if such a system could actually work as a communication system in the sense of new info being able to be encoded into it repeatedly and quickly - or if it would be more of a one-shot. Also - not sure if this is something where you could get useful data from sending one qubit - or you would need to send large numbers of them to send even a simple message.

There is lots of work being done on creating and stabilizing entangled systems, so that seems likely to get somewhere eventually. As to the rest - potentially interesting, but too soon to make any determination of how (or if) it would have any impact on OA. Or the real world just yet.

My 2c worth,


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