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Radio Signal From Direction of Proxima Centauri
As always with these sorts of stories, don't get your hopes up much, but Breakthrough Listen has detected what they are calling BLC1, which stands for Breakthrough Listen Candidate 1. Researcher Sofia Sheikh compares it to the famous Wow! Signal.

Andrew Siemion says there is no modulation, although I wonder what their limits for detecting one would have been.

Regarding the drift rate, see Jason Wright's tweets:

Regarding the localization, see this:

If it were a technosignature I'd bet it came from one of the two more-sun-like main Alpha Centauri stars' vicinities. EDIT: Actually it looks like Alpha Centauri is too far from Proxima Centauri in the sky.

This tweet by another astrophysicist suggests it is man-made interference, however:

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