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Radio Signal From Direction of Proxima Centauri
When it comes to exoplanet atmospheres and anomalous chemistry or colors, our limits are actually very poor. The only exoplanets we've been able to study in that kind of detail are Hot Jupiters and a few Hot Neptunes. We really don't know anything yet about how common or rare life limited to Earth-like planets is.

When it comes to radio signals, some scientists, such as Jason Wright, argue that we've also searched very little of the "search space":

If alien civilizations engage in interstellar settlement and/or build Dyson spheres, that does sharpen the Fermi paradox considerably, yes. If those things are possible, then civilizations must be quite far apart and also rather slow-growing to have evaded detection so far. Realistically, though, we don't know if those things are feasible in the real world. Perhaps for engineering or economic reasons, they don't occur. So I think that, scientifically, we have to remain open to all possibilities for how technosignatures present themselves. Of course, the researchers here are doing the right thing by keeping their priors heavily weighted to it being human RFI, even while they continue investigating.

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