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Well. This could be a game changer. New Warp Drive theory
Quote:TBH we probably haven't done the best job explaining the whole concept of dedicated hyperturnings - most likely due to squeamishness about the whole idea of AI slavery and the only slightly less...ethically complicated...idea of being able to make minds that mono-manically love caring out labor on behalf of their creators. We basically invented the idea of vots to sidestep the whole issue - but the dedicated hyperturing idea is still extent in the setting as well.

I'd really like to see the whole concept expunged, at least in the Sephirotics, for ethical reasons, IMHO Angel . Most of the low work (<S3) can be done by vots like in the Transcend (old page, I know, I know...)

Quote:The upshot though is that such minds - even if generally not given to interacting with the people using the tech - do keep an eye on things and can intervene/refuse to carry out an order if they feel it necessary. Presumably in cases where carrying out the order would result in the destruction of the wormhole or drive or what have you.

Still, apparently, you can use some transapientech outside their assigned task, like the (brief) use of space time catapults as RKKS launchers. Dunno about surviving the archai's wrath however  Tongue
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