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Hello everyone. I've been reading the forums for a while, the site for several years, and vaguely intended to introduce myself once I had an idea for a contribution. Earlier today I was scrolling through the Updates page and found Arik's The Intersubjective Hive from last year, which I liked enough to spur me into doing it now.

I read sci-fi of all kinds; actually I have no preference for hard SF except insofar as it tends to correlate with more carefully thought-out or interesting settings and scenarios. Within OA I have a bit of a soft spot for the aesthetics of biotech and clades that are not strictly optimal/efficient on a basic level (the Machina Babbagenseii or the Kanuma, for instance) along with the "biographical" articles for specific personalities, particularly if they tie into other articles like Dimimimon4 or Deorvyn.

Likely I won't have that much to say for a while, but thought it would be impolite if I ever cut in the middle of a discussion as my first post!

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