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Wormholes and infinite energy?
I've been thinking, in OA, a lot of the WH need to be far from massive objects to be stable but some types of WH (the ones that archais use for in-processing node data transfer) can be located in very close proximity to these massive bodies. My question is, imagine a system with a massive body, one mouth of a relatively large WH (suficient to pass light beams or sub-atomic/atom sizeĀ  particles) is anchored to the surface or near the massive body and the other mouth is a little far from the other but resonably close, then, imagine that you shoot a particle or a beam of light through the WH entering the massive body bound mouth, if the other mouth is positioned in a way that makes the particle/beam return and enter the massive body bound mouth again and repeat the process. AssumingĀ  ideal conditions (no perturbances and perfect aiming), isn't possible to generate "infinite" energy? Since, in the case of a particle, because of the gravity of the massive body is stronger near one of the mouths of the WH, the particle would accelerate and exit the other mouth and repeat, and with light it would blue shift, would it be possible? Sorry for the massive quantity of words, I couldn't find a way to be clear with a smaller text.

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