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Wormholes and infinite energy?
This wouldn't actually work.

In absolute terms because the way conservation laws work with WHs is that the mass-energy entering one mouth will cause that mouth to gain mass-energy (growing a bit in the process), while the 'exit' mouth will lose mass-energy (shrinking a bit in the process). As this continues, the exit mouth will get smaller and more unstable until eventually it can't be kept open and will implode, destroying the entire wormhole in the process (and most everything else in the vicinity as around 70% of the WHs mass-energy is radiated away).

Basically, this process is extracting mass-energy out of the exit wormhole mouth (and the wormhole insofar as the mouths are part of the same structure).

In OA terms, there would also be the problem that the type of wormholes you are using (comm-gates) have such intense internal tidal forces that only EM radiation (light) can pass thru them without being destroyed. Atoms or sub-atomic particles attempting to pass thru will be thoroughly shredded. Which wouldn't stop the mass-energy extraction effect, but would complicate things all around.

Hope this helps,


EDIT - So basically you could do this - but you couldn't extract 'infinite' energy from the process. The amount of energy you could extract would be bounded by the amount of mass-energy the exit wormhole mouth could lose before imploding.

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