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Poll: So what's really going on?
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Alien visitors who've been spoofing our view of the universe to stay hidden
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These craft are generated by a local Bracewell Probe
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Visitors from a different 'brane' or universe.
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Pentagon running a psyop on the public
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Something else
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Recent revelations about UFOs*cough*UAPs from the military
So, the pentagon is *OFFICIALLY* reporting that, for years, pilots have been spotting "Unexplained Aerial Phenomena" - which bear an incredibly strong resemblance to the longstanding stories about "Unidentifed Flying Objects" but anyway it got a new name and acronym because military.

And, God DAMN it, the photos are as grainy and ambiguous as ever.  These planes are carrying optical cameras literally thousands of times better than the ones available a generation ago, and we still can't get a decent photo.  I think this is an enormous tell, indicating that this whole thing is somehow a fake.  This is 2021.  That camera is military hardware that can take an image of a whole city, sharp enough to identify every pedestrian crossing at the intersections if the angle allows their faces to be seen. There is absolutely no excuse for grainy, fuzzy, out-of-focus, ambiguous photos.  

I have not found or read an extensive, detailed brief on this.  If someone knows where it may be found, please respond with an appropriate reference.

I am quite skeptical that these are alien vehicles - though I guess I'd entertain the notion that they may be generated by a Bracewell probe in our solar system.  The fact is that I can't reconcile "We don't see anybody out there" with alien vehicles visiting us physically.  If they are alien vehicles they came from somewhere, and I'm going to insist on thinking that they must have come here at a speed less than the speed of light. 

Humans, as an anatomically modern species, has been around for only about 400K years.  As a species that does things indicating modern-type symbolic thought, only about 40K years.   As a species that has done anything detectable from more than a light year away... Probably 5K years.  Somebody with a telescope about a million miles wide to get a sharp enough focus, could have spotted some structures like early cities, the pyramids, etc.  So if this is a response to human activity, then it must be from somebody within 2K light years of us.  But we don't see any evidence of anybody living within 2K light years of us.  Do we imagine that they are out there, easily capable of space travel, but are not spreading, developing industry, and using resources on a scale we could detect?  I am ... skeptical.

What has been reported in details. 

   Objects moving in excess of 38K miles per hour, in atmosphere, without generating sonic booms.

   Observed accelerations, in atmosphere, in the range of 7K meters/second^2

   Course changes that ought to generate centripetal accelerations in the same range.

   Objects moving at high speeds entering the water, without splashing, and then leaving the water at distances ranging from a dozen to a hundred miles, without creating a surface wave.  The distance between entry and exit would have to be at speeds well in excess of the speed of sound in water - and because water is an incompressible medium, that is not any kind of joke.

    Objects flying 'in formation' with piloted aircraft, maintaining an exact relative position no matter what the pilot does.  "Clearly it was aware of us," says the reporting pilot.

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