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Poll: So what's really going on?
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Alien visitors who've been spoofing our view of the universe to stay hidden
1 4.76%
These craft are generated by a local Bracewell Probe
1 4.76%
Visitors from a different 'brane' or universe.
0 0%
Pentagon running a psyop on the public
7 33.33%
Something else
12 57.14%
Total 21 vote(s) 100%
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Recent revelations about UFOs*cough*UAPs from the military
(05-22-2021, 03:58 AM)Bear Wrote: (B) Pentagon brass duped by internal confusion and inter-branch secrets and rivalries, etc.
This is probably part of the answer. The witnesses seem to be entirely legitimate and honest in these cases, but they are misled by the shortcomings of the equipment, and by human psychology and fallibility.

However this fallibility is compounded by factions within the military and political hierarchy, people who have been misled by people like Elizondo, Reid, Bigelow, Davis and Puthoff, all of whom are encouraging the alien interpretation behind the scenes.

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