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Climate Change
Not getting into politics here. Although technical mitigation possibilities are definitely a good thing to share if you know any. 

Yesterday rain fell on Greenland's ice sheet for the first time in at least the last thirteen thousand years.  So they tell us, although there may have been a couple episodes that didn't leave any evidence they've ever found (ie if there were rainfalls before now, they didn't melt even one or two annual ice layers, which the current rain already did).

You pretty much can't have an ice sheet if rain falls on it.  At least not if the rain becomes a regular thing that happens more than once a decade or so.  Ice sheets accumulate on top and then either they slide into the ocean or melt from the bottom with geothermal heat. If there's any surface melting, it's supposed to just refreeze and make a crust. If the water actually runs off, the ice sheet shrinks from the top and bottom both.

The world looks different if Greenland doesn't have an ice sheet.

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