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Just steered into port...
Hi - Welcome to OA!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the project or setting, please don't hesitate to ask.

Also, please feel free to join in on any discussions taking place on the forums (or our Discord) or to start new ones if you've a mind to.

Regarding your specific areas of interest, these (and much/most else) are fair game in terms of being subjects of or elements in stories and articles in the setting. I wouldn't really worry about the issue of dwelling on the inner lives of characters vs any trends or tendencies you've seen in the stories already written. You can safely think of such trends/tendencies as matters of coincidence or habit rather than any formal editorial policy or even community standard among the OA membership.

Basically, as long as a story fits within OA Canon and what might be termed 'realistic common sense' (aka obvious plot armor ala most TV shows and many films is not really a thing here), we're happy to consider it for inclusion in the project.

Re artwork - by all means, please share. Smile By chance do you have any samples of your work online that we could take a look at?

Hope this all helps and once again - Welcome to OA! Smile


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