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Hello everyone!
Hi there!
I'm a Sophont from a very far country called Russia. It's very cold here, so I'm a bit frostyWink.
I was a long-time fan of warhammer 40000, but I always wondered what was going on over 30000 years of human history. I asked this question on the Russian equivalent of 4chan and the first link I got was a link to OA. It was December 22, 2021.

Within a month I went from misunderstanding and numerous questions to interest and adoration. I had been looking for a detailed history of humanity's future for a long time, and I'm very glad I got to know OA.

I decided to move into the community just to learn more and share my ideas. Please forgive me if I misunderstand anything, because the language and cultural barrier is still a very significant obstacle for me in getting to know the world of OA, but I am still trying to get to know it better myself and to introduce it to my friends.

I have a few topics I'd like to contribute to OA based on, but I feel like I need to get more familiar with this universe to start writing more about it.

I'm very interested in the history of humanity in Orion's arm world. It's like I'm reading
a history book that's written about what's going to happen after today.

Finally, I would like to end my greeting with the first message sent from Earth toward space: "Мир! Ленин! СССР!"

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