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Behold! I have arrived!
(05-19-2022, 02:13 PM)TerranGames Wrote: The concepts and ideas that this site introduced me to have radically changed me as a person, and I'd know I'd be a very different person today if I had never found this place. 

I’m quite curious about your answer to this, actually. 

Quote:What drew you into transhumanism, and sci-fi in general?

the optimism and ability to imagine futures different from the present , and to use fiction as a way to explore how technology affects society and people

Quote:Q:How did transhumanism begin, as a movement, and are there any important works or authors I should read about?

A: authors.. here's a list of people who have inspired OA- there's quite a few sci fi authors whose work features transhumanism, and some transhumanist/futurist  thinkers 
Quote:Q: If you could get one piece of technology from OA tomorrow, any technology, what would it be and why?

A: either something close to a “universal” fabricator, the conversion reactors/ all the 'clean' sources of energy and their distribution tech... or most of all, whichever philosophies, institutions and other social constructs that cause most of the population of OA to choose to use their technologies to create a fairly equitable , mostly environmentally sustainable, post scarcity society rather than a more ..pessimistic alternative. (The automation technologies and efficient recycling are probably inextricably linked to making those optimistic scenarios possible, but more of that would be a nice start). 
OA isn’t actually depicting a complete utopia at all (there’s actually quite a few atrocities) but the average sephirotics would be great to live in. 

Quote:Q: How well do you think OA predicts the future, and are there any specific things you disagree with?

A:OA isn’t necessarily created with the purpose of prognosticating the future perfectly, so I’ll say I don’t know what could actually happen. But In my own mind I think it’ll take longer to get into outer space on such a large scale.

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