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Artifexian's New Series
(07-09-2022, 10:19 PM)Drashner1 Wrote: Hm. Interesting. The name Artifexian kind of rings a bell - I think I've heard it before - but I can't quite place it.

Can you provide more background info on them/their YouTube videos (and whatever else they may have out there), please?

I'm assuming you're proposing adding a link to this video/YouTube channel to our worldbuilding resources page, which is certainly possible, but I'd like to get a bit more information about them and what they're on about before doing that and I've limited time to watch a bunch of their existing videos atm. Tongue

More generally, if other members are familiar with this potential resource, please also feel free to speak up.



Artifexian is basically a Youtube channel dedicated to helping create realistic speculative fiction worlds. They've got videos on astrophysics, geology and conlanging, many of which I'm quite interested in. I think the people here will enjoy it a lot.

Here's one of their videos dedicated to donut shaped planets:

They've also done a collab with jan Misali, who I have some bad blood with. jan Misali, if you are reading this, please unblock me.
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