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(11-26-2022, 02:49 PM)Gann the Derpimann Wrote: Are the galaxies that the Meistersingers occupy close to each other, and do they occupy the other galaxies in the local group? Also, in this article:
It says that the 3 of the HEECs may actually be the Meistersingers and that the Meistersingers have made contact with the Leviathan. Is this true or is it just Terragen speculation?

'Close' is a relative term when considering galaxies. Wink At the least the distance between any two is likely to be hundreds of thousands of light-years and more commonly millions.

The Radial Net (what the Meistersingers call their Nexus, which includes the intergalactic links), includes some galaxies in the Local Group but also some beyond it.

The Meistersingers are aware of the existence of the Leviathan but have not made contact with it. The article you link to is referring to the Triangulum Transmission, which is how Terragens first learned about both the major civ in the Triangulum galaxy and the approach Leviathan.

Any EG statements to the effect that the Meistersingers may be one of the known HEEC civs or are in contact with extragalactic civs/entities are just speculation on the part of Terragens. Note that the EG doesn't know what it doesn't know and it is possible for OA fiction to include things that the EG doesn't know. Smile

Hope this helps,


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