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obvious noob questions from a writer
Quote:One thing I would argue until I'm blue in the face, though, is that it isn't going to be until the 2300's before at least a crude form of cryo gets trendy.

My ides on this subject is that cryonics wouldn't be entirely successful in the early period, in that the early adopters could not be thawed out perfectly. However some of these very early corpsicles could be used to create a 'statistical reconstruction' of the original person, allowing the people of the later eras to create a convincing emulation of the original. This is not the same as a full neurotechnological copy or upload, as not all the data will have survived, but the resulting emulation would probably think e was the original, or as close as possible under the circumstances.

I think the most favourable result of early cryogenic reanimation would be a kind of zombie, inhabited by an entity that thinks e is the original, but requires to be linked to some sort of prosthetic neurotech just to function. Some, most, or nearly all of the personality would be a 'best guess' reconstruction, much of which would be housed in this prosthetic substrate in the initial stages. Gradually this personality could transfer itself into the reconstituted brain, which would hopefully be plastic enough to accept this transfer. Eventually the reconstructed individual might be able to function without the prosthetics, or perhaps the prosthetics would become completely integrated with the individual's mind and body.

We do have some examples of personalities from the Information Age surviving into the latter period of the scenario; these are described as surviving through 'partial uploads' and emulations, and one route that could enable this sort of partial survival is cryonic preservation.

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