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(11-12-2013, 06:56 PM)graham228221 Wrote: This would be cool - perhaps just a printable layout option for each page. Maybe a version that could also be used on ereaders.

I vaguely remember a downloadable version of the EG on the ancient version of the site, but I might be wrong. The problem is obviously that there are constant updates and additions, so any static version would quickly be rendered out of date.

This is why i suggest that this happen in collections. I think encyclopedia entries are better read in bundles, not individual pages. You could have Encyclopedia Galactica 2013 edition with maybe 40-60 articles and some introductory content, a glossary of terms, and some images. (Maybe use the introductory text from the first story collection)?Have suggested printing instructions. ( double sided glossy 8.5x11 inch letter/ A4 size paper, looks best bound with ...etc). Downloaders are responsible for printing costs.
Also, it doesn't have to be free. If there's a way to download it for $2.99 or something, that's a possibility (standard OA money distribution among authors applies). I think though that unlike the story collection,
Unlike the story collection, the authorship is mixed and some authors are out of contact, so making money off their work isn't a good idea, without their permission.

If an EG author responds saying they don't want it printed, we don't have to use the article, though the rules and regulations say that it's ok for OA to use and remix content.

Here's similar case of printing wikipedia.
And how it came to happen (one of the later chapters)

Also, consider Kickstarter or Indigogo as a promotional or funding tool. I've used it before (It can take a lot of work to do, though).

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