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FAQ question about S1=15000 modosophonts

Just making a note to add a FAQ about transapients and how their brains work , or maybe just put it right in one of the articles to link to. 

Whenever we get around to 

Quote:Question: If a S1 is equivalent to roughly 15000 modos. Can a bored S1 have a virtual village on their mind?

Answer : 
(Rynn) That’s not quite what that means. The 15k figure means that a typical S1 with a minimal sized brain running at human-equivalent time can perform 15k modo-level tasks, on average
So yeah sure they could simulate a few thousand people in their mind, with a few extra processors they could do a few million, or they could do billions of simple tasks at once

(Todd) Scaling this up a bit - an S2 is equivalent to roughly 5 billion modos while an S3 is roughly equivalent to around 5e22 modos. Although as Rynn says it's not quite as simple as a pure multiplier.
Coming at this from another direction we've discussed - an S5 can simulate an entire planet and its biosphere - down to the individual cells and micro-organisms on up to full size lifeforms like whales and also billions of people with all their memories and lived experience - simply as an idle act of imagination or passing thought, and with only a fraction of its total attention and capacity.

I doubt people will read it automatically but at least there’ll be a section of text we can point to and say “here read this linked material” if we want.

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