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Transcendence, the movie: a transapient comes to hollywood
(12-23-2013, 04:11 AM)Rynn Wrote: Interesting. I really hope it doesn't fall into the Hollywood trap of cheap action over decent story. I'll be sorely disappointed if it finishes with a plucky protagonist destroying the evil computer because he had emotion on his side or some other nonsense, though going by the trailer it doesn't look like it will be.
Well after seeing the trailer it looks like typical Hollywood AI movie.
That means: after uploading scientist turns evil and tries to take over the world.
The Luddite terrorist organization the RIFT (Revolutionary Independence On Technology) are probably going to be the extremists who were right all along. The website of the movie is basically filled with anti technology propaganda from RIFT and it also has typical TestYourselfScareYourself app that tells you how dependent are you on technology and how likely are you to develop various tumors.

Movie will probably end with uploaded scientist killed and some "message" about how we shouldn't let technology change us.

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