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Cramer wormholes
This type of wormhole has been discussed in the past for possible inclusion in OA. However, there really isn't any mathematical basis for it. It's just described as 'imagine a wormhole with these properties and here's what we could do with it'.

OA's current wormholes do have a mathematical/physics basis behind them as can be seen in the supporting papers that can be found on the website (let us know if you need help finding them and we can provide links). So we use them rather than wormholes like those that Cramer describes.

Beyond that, there isn't really any advantage to having this type of WH in the setting other than 'allowing' us to expand the setting to some enormous degree. Similar things have been proposed in terms of expanding the OA timeline so that the 'Present Day' is 100,000 or a million or more years in the future. However, no one who proposes this ever seems to be able to come up with any strong reasons for doing this beyond 'it would be cool'. Which isn't sufficient reason in itself for us to do stuff.

Don't worry about posting a lot of stuff on wormholes. We used to have that happen regularly as well (as in several times per year). Doesn't bother us at allSmile


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