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Think Outside the Setting
Personally I love this idea. It'd be great to flesh out some of the history of the setting and get a look at what's going on in the galactic neighborhood (perhaps a terragen equivalent in the Andromeda galaxy?)

One issue I think would be to limit it somewhat in scope. For example, having any information for the future would spoil certain developments in the current storyline, current or otherwise. "Oh we know X won't win in the end, because we know Y will be around like this in the future."

As for how it would be formatted, perhaps have it near the end of certain articles, changing the perspective and speaker. The EG is written impartially, but something like this could be in the form of a "lost diary" or snippet of an historical account written in the first person. An Eh'ern recording his first meeting with the Leviathan. One of the ancient Muuh thinking about the decline of their civilization. A veteran of the Andromedan wars lamenting his old life before the local archailects mysteriously disappeared.

It'd add a bit of a personal touch to the information and open a lot of things up for fan works as well.
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