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Think Outside the Setting
We'd probably need to set up some guidelines similar to how we discourage too much detail in the earliest part of the timeline. Mainly for things taking place in the 'future' of the timeline and a few other items. Overall OA canon would still be in play, but since most of that is 'the laws of physics' that's not a hard lift. Overall, we could allow folks a lot of latitude and scope, I think. I'm thinking that we should add an 'Additional Information' 'tab' or option to site for various things such as links to stories, or articles such as this and such.

I also like the idea of a V:FT issue devoted to this. Currently thinking the third or fourth issue of the year. Will give this a bit more thought and come back with a more official date. I'll get back to y'all.

What do folks think of the above and any other ideas on how we might tackle this.


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