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Article - Will Humanity Become Obsolete
Well, essentially, this is still the same vision of transhumanism foretold by the OA canon, albeit more optimistic in several areas:

"by 2045 humanity will have created A.I.": see 030 to 130 AT: The Information Age
"73 (2043) - First true human-equivalent sentient Artificial Intelligences, but the resulting AIs seem secretive and curiously unable to understand humans."

"Unlimited human lifespans available on demand": see Life Extension

"Implantable computers to connect the brain to the internet": see DNI: Capabilities and Components, Augmentics

"New ‘nootropic’ drugs to vastly increase human intelligence": see Nootropics

"The ability to copy, upload and download human memories": see Uploading technology, The Early History of

"Using genetic modification to create post-human supermen": see Superior Genemods

"Rapid exploration and colonisation of the Solar System": see 130 to 400 AT (2100 - 2370 CE): The Interplanetary Age

When you consider what we have today compared to very early SciFi, what I see is that Real Life generally encounters more subtle dangers, unnecessary cost overruns, etc., and thus often takes considerably longer than might seem reasonable, but ultimately creates even more impressive outcomes. Compare Jules Verne's Nautilis and moon cannon to real life submarines and spacecraft.

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