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So - this just occurred to me this AM while responding to a post:

OA currently has a good number of pending projects on our 'to do' list. These are things, such as the timeline audit that we are intending to do but haven't done yet or that are in progress. In some cases, new members may join the project and not realize that something is on our radar or that changes are in the works or the like. Which leads me to ask:

Would it be a useful/positive thing to have some sort of 'pending/in progress changes' log or list on the forum or even on the OA website so that people could see what we have going on/are working on fixing?

We currently have the What's New pages to document changes that have happened and a sticky thread on the forum for logging typos and errors and such as people find them - this would be a list of changes that we are planning to do but have yet to happen.

Not sure how doable this would be or if it would be worth the work of keeping up - but figured I'd throw it out for consideration.



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