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 Change to default thread subscription
We have decided to change the default thread subscription mode for all users, old and new.

Previously, users would not be automatically subscribed to a thread if they had created or posted in unless they had manually chosen to do so.

Now, the default will be that users are subscribed to threads that they create or post in ("subscribe without receiving email notification of new replies"). We have changed this option for all existing users (except those that have already chosen emailed notifications as their default).

You are still able to change this if you wish, either to not be subscribed to a thread or to subscribe and receive email notifications. This can be done for individual threads, or you can change our default setting by going to the options screen within the User CP.

We have also added a link in the header where you can easily see all your subscribed threads, next to the links for viewing new posts and today's posts. You can also change your subscriptions options for individual or groups of threads through this link.

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Change to default thread subscription - by graham228221 - 03-30-2013, 08:35 AM

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