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Before you is... Something... Black... Dangerous... Cold... Angular...

It almost looks like a hole in reality, the odd shape so perfectly black you cannot discern what parts are in the foreground and which are further away. It is like someone just cut out a 3D hole in space.

The cold seems to be emanating from it, the ambient temperature of the berthing bay dropping noticeably, cold tendrils almost compelling you towards the shape.

Then a seam, a fine bead of light tracing along it appears, occluded by parts of the entity as it forms an irregular oval and then with eery silence hinges open.

Then things get weirder. The person(?) climbing out initially appears human, obviously not a baseline. His joints are all wrong, articulating in unsettling ways, his eyes constantly scanning the room, and the strange crests on his head shift colour chromatically, either it is a play of the light on them as his head moves, or they are animated by something.

His eyes settle on you and he opens his mouth, but what you hear seems to be out of sync.

"Hello, I'm hoping I am not lost, you need to hear what I have come to tell you, can you help me remember?"


I have followed the OA world for awhile now and have eagerly lapped up the EG, I love that stuff.

My love for sci fi has compelled me to consure every piece written by the late Ian. M Banks, Alistair Reynolds, and Peter. F Hamillton. So I would like to think I have a firm footing in space opera, if not hard sci fi, and look forward to developing something to call my own, hopefully here amongst you fine folks.

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