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Nearbaselines to have 550 IQ?
This is a flawed assumption based on an interpretation of the data. I haven't gone over the relevant papers but the claim of 550 IQ comes from the author taking a quote that an average person has 1000 alleles negatively associated with IQ and there is some data that showed that individuals with an IQ 1SD higher had 30 less of these alleles on average. To get to 550 the author carried that pattern on, they've basically done this.

Assuming for a moment that this data can be trusted and its interpretation is correct in that these alleles are negatively correlated with IQ and that IQ is an accurate measure of intelligence then it is still stupid to make that extrapolation. The effect might not be linear, or those alleles might have roles in other systems that cause bigger problems when you try to remove some of them.

The link between genotype and phenotype needs a lot more work, as does our understanding of intelligence and the role of nature vs nurture, long before we can start making predictions of this manner.

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