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The Cool (but plausible?) Spaceship Art Thread
this sat in the drafts folder for 3 years, so clearing it out -

here's some cool but plausible? looking images of rockets 

 **Since plausibility in speculative spacecraft is a very grey spectrum, use your own judgement. The closer to 5.9 (but not 6, reality) on Moh's Scale of Science Fiction Hardness the better.
Illustrations and "technical" diagrams of Battlestar Galactica (Battlestar Galactica), Star destroyers (Star Wars), the Starship Enterprise (Star Trek), and the Moya (Farscape) probably don't belong here- wonderful and inspirational as they all may be.

There's Atomic Rockets at Project Rho by Winchell D. Chung, of course

Icarus Interstellar (Project Daedelus, Project Helius, etc)

InterStellar Vehicle (ISV) Venture Star

Concept art director Ben Procter

Discovery and Orion III "Space Clipper" (2001: a Space odyssey) Maybe both outdated? but classic.

Schwarzschild Kugelblitz Starship design

William Black
Tom Peters

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The Cool (but plausible?) Spaceship Art Thread - by Worldtree - 07-14-2021, 12:10 AM

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