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Greetings all
Hi, my friends call me Canner IRL so I chose this name online.

A while back while reading some things on the net concerning the theoretical engineering limits of computer chips.

It got me wondering if when we reach the lower limits allowed by physics in building chips if we would be satisfied with the computer power then or still need more and how this could be done. The only solution I could come up with was then make computers get larger and larger since the components had reached the smallest size physically allowed.

Then an idea popped into my head; how large could computers theoretically get and I did some searching on the internet and stumbled across this article that talked about computers the size of Jupiter and needed the power output of an entire star.

There was a few links at the bottom of the article, one took me to OA. Since then I read several dozen articles in the main pages of the part of the site that resembles a theoretical encyclopedia.

If we all get to ask 1 introductory question, this I like to ask if there is an official chat site members use to hang out and talk at?

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