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Link; Is Brain Emulation Dangerous?
We also assume that non-human AIs that are not based on whole brain emulations arrive much earlier than whole brain emulations, and that partial, incomplete emulations can be made before complete emulations. These assumptions do not necessarily avert some of the uncomfortable conclusions that Eckersley and Sandberg arrive at; in fact they might make the situation worse, since a highly competent non-human AI would probably find hacking or enslaving a human upload/emulation relatively easy.

WHile we are close to having computers with power equal to human brain, we don't have the abilty to scan but we do have working models and ideas of how a brain could work, so simulation rather than emulation seems to be possible much earlier.

the best article i havd at the moment, but india hopes to build a full brain emulation computer in 12 years. Of course these are based on models of how we think the brain work rather than a copy of a working brain. Even if our models are wrong how do we know the computer won't 'wake up' using a slighty different model of intelligence to ours?

If we take the human brain power to be 36.8x10 to the power of 15. ^15
We are talking peta-scale here and terra scale is already commercially availble . ATI Radeon™ HD 5970 Graphics card has 4.64x 10^12 (circa £100) and peta-scale is in supercomputers. Our super computers are pretty close

20×10^ 15 IBM Sequoia Circa 2011,( (and of course there is always distrubuted computing where we use multiple machines ala folding @home 8.1x10^15.

Also in terms of raw computing power intel hopes by 2018 to have a one exaflop suoer computer. 10^18

if moores law holds constant you can extraploate future power and by 2030 we would have zettascale computing 10^21 so the raw power is certainly there.

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