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What other aspects of the show look like they could belong in OA?
Honestly, I think any of the ideas that the show had that would be applicable to OA already exist in OA.

Note that the technical ideas of Andromeda that could translate into OA are not original to Andromeda. In many cases they were 'invented' in some other fictional universe or in RL and were then incorporated into the show. In some cases, OA had already incorporated the same ideas into itself before Andromeda came on the air.

Could any of the characters fit in OA?
(06-14-2017, 04:04 PM)terranova210486 Wrote: Could any of the characters fit in OA?

In what sense of the word? What do you mean by 'fit' in this context?

Coming at this from another direction - The EG is readily readable and describes a host of different types of races and clades. After looking it over, perhaps you could tell us the answer to this question.

Any more thoughts?
Nope, not really. Please note that my last post prior to this was asking you a question which you've not answered yet.
(07-16-2018, 12:52 PM)Drashner1 Wrote: Nope, not really. Please note that my last post prior to this was asking you a question which you've not answered yet.
Oh sorry.  

I meant the character archetypes:

Adromeda/Rommi: the Sapiant Ship

Capt. Dylan Hunt: The brave Nearbaseline/Su captain.

Bekka Valentine: the feisty space pilot (is that even a profession anymore?)

Tyr Anasazi: the augmented survivalist

Seamus Harper: the plucky Baseline 

Trance Gemini: ????
Possibly, to one degree or another. However, OA also has elements that would result in a significantly different scenario.

For example, virtually everyone in OA has DNI implants and some form of exoself. Those two technologies would make most people just a bit superhuman (verging on supernatural) by our standards.  Things will just happen around a person equipped with such tech in OA because most technology is designed to be controlled that way.  Some OA tech would make things like biont piloting obsolete - unless it was in some competitive framework where the whole point is for a pilot to do it manually.

There are likely various other differences that might or might not translate between the two settings or that might result in a radically different framework in OA vs the Andromeda setting.

My 2c worth,


EDIT: Out of curiosity are you thinking about some kind of story with a similar plot to Andromeda or just trying to get a better handle on OA by using Andromeda as a sort of translator?

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