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Hi everyone
Greetings to all,

I am very new and am interested to bring my stone to the edifice

I may be interested in imagining Theravada Buddhist societies in the far future, their relation to existing technology and higher beings. This might be something new for OA
Hi! Welcome to OA!
One of the founders of OA, M. Alan Kazlev, was (and is) very interested in Buddhist religion and philosophy. He has introduced a number of Buddhist elements into the scenario already, as described on this page.
Note that these influences were stronger in the early part of the scenario, and it would be quite interesting to describe how they evolve in the latter part of the scenario into new forms of worship.
Hello, thank you!

I think I would have a name already for a Theravada Buddhist world: TheraLoka

I need to read a lot of OA first, so that may start coming in a few months. I may start with "snapshots" to get myself into it progressively
If you are familiarized with budhism and oriental philosophies that will be great to help us update that section of the setting.
We also have a group inside the chat platform discord.
Hi There - Welcome to OA!

If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of the setting or project, please don't hesitate to ask.

Also, feel free to join in any ongoing conversations or start new threads whenever you wish.


Thank you!

I feel compelled to dispel any doubt. I look nothing like my avatar. That's a picture of Helmut Bakaitis playing another character.

I still have mostly non-white hair.

What I like here is that all the background work has been done, so I can focus entirely on storytelling and conflict. I need to find my niche in this new ecosystem
Welcome to OA!

We look forward to your contributions to our site.
Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your writing.
I have a question. How much should I read up about the OA universe before being fit to write in it? The sheer volume of already produced fiction is rather daunting. How do I know that I will not create a contradiction or impossibility with something someone else has written which I wouldn't have read? Actually it might be better for me to start with a collaboration. Someone would give me a backdrop and I would imagine a story within that backdrop. I focus more on characters and conflict, because that is what engages the reader most.

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