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New arrival
Well... hello, community!

I'm a long-time occasional OA reader who recently took a renewed interest in the OA universe - which I find rather fascinating both as an SF setting and as a community project. I was curious to see the forums and worldbuilding discussions in action, so I thought I'd join and maybe contribute a thing or two. So, if you're still with me... Here's a couple of words about me:

I've been writing science fiction as a hobby longer than I can type, though in all fairness, all the early stuff had been of the naive "sci-fi" bend. I've self-published a harder SF novel a while ago, which was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek trope-heavy transhumanist space opera. Frankly, I probably drew some inspiration from Orion's Arm as well back then, although these themes were something I had wanted tro try for a long time. It's in German though.

My more down-to-earth self is working as a freelance editor and translator, which may be one of the reasons why my own creative output has suffered lately. I'm currently experimenting with 3D modeling and digital art a bit, but that's about it.

In a nutshell: I'm seeking a bit of inspiration and maybe a friendly community to share ideas with. I've never been the collaborative project kind of guy, so why not try a new meme? Wink

Best Regards!

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