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Much is made of the Sephirotic Empires in the setting. Certainly they occupy the "Federation" Space Opera trope, being that they function as the mostly benevolent civilization representing life as we know it and can optimistically predict it to be like. (Ironic considering the actually named Federation, failed long ago.)

So to all of you here, which one would you like to live in?
Usually I think I'd prefer the MPA, since living on a megastructure would be spectacular - but possibly frustrating, since a large structure would be so big I could never hope to explore more than a faction of it. But the Terran Federation would also be intriguing, since it has many retro worlds, some of which might resemble the sort of environment I'm familiar with.
I'm not too sure. I could fit in a few of them I think. I'm not strapped to any one ideology,but rather would have a particular requirements, OA's post-scarcity and transaps blends things a bit and most of them being sephrotic are broadly compatibile.

Beyond being a bit vec-central(Which I wouldn't have a problem with, I'd probably hang around vecs and start being a bit cyborg in any OA polity anyway). I'm not really sure what metasoft is like or what the standardisation requirmeent exactly is so hard to judge if ti s soemthing I'd be happy with or not.

The negentropists might be good, depending on just how exactly their fabs define something you 'need'. I imagine a ferw of their systems I could see myself becoming a professional argurer, learning about someone's lifestyle and needs then trying to persuade their genie fab to give it to them (Not sure what I'd get in return though) Plus I think there emphasis on conservation is more likely to lead to more centralised populations and mass transit) One of the stories on here in that empire mad eit sound quite appealling to me. Also I'm sure their are Negentropic vecs/bots, etc,

I think I might live ok in the Neli-Neti worlds too in the NoCoZo, tough Id' hate to live in some of the other systems.

Some of the Utopia Sphere worlds might be ok too, but some of them might be a little too slow, quiet and lacking in challenges for my tastes. I'm also not keen on the AI-as gods meme. Which puts me off a few of the empires. I'm not sure about the MPA, I think I might like some of the indivdual systems, but then there real poltics seems to be building megastructures sure is nice. I could be just as happy in OA on a planet/moon/hab/megahab

I'd not be too keen on the bio-polity, unless I was memed out of my nature-eww response. I'd rather live in cosmpolition are
I've always been fond of the MPA (megastructures are cool), but would also like to try living on a Civilization Ship or other mobile habitat. The Biopolity or Red Star M'pire might be interesting to try.

Possibly the MPA for the megastructures, also maybe the utopia sphere for the chance to build a fantastic society under the active guidance of benevolent hyper turnings.

The latter would also be a great place to spend a lot of time learning and augmenting my intelligence with the goal of ascending. With a decent DNI, central nervous system redesign and sophisticated exoself programs I figure I could become a genius in all things modosophont in just a few lifetimes.
Being closest to the Kassians ( ) in terms of ideology, I would prefer to live as an unmodified baseline in a midtech ( ) community on NiuEarth ( ) in the Metasoft Version Tree ( ).

"I'd much rather see you on my side, than scattered into... atoms." Ming the Merciless, Ruler of the Universe
I've always thought megastructures were really cool, so the MPA would be a good place to be. The Biopolity would at least be nice to visit, though to live there I'd likely need to get over my thing about bugs and get my allergies fixed. Living habitats are just fascinating.

While I love the idea of a post-scarcity/labor society, the Utopia Sphere sounds a little too pampered and interventionist, so I'd probably want to scratch that itch somewhere in the Biopolity or MPA.

Lots of love for the MPA, but only one other for the metasofties and they want the reserve? That said, the other colonies on niuearth. Maybe Multo or a moon.
(07-07-2014, 05:05 PM)Steel Accord Wrote: Much is made of the Sephirotic Empires in the setting.

So to all of you here, which one would you like to live in?

I'm somewhat allergic to living in places organized around a single principle or idea, so my first choice would be some place that has more than one allegiance. If not a polity composed of people with allegiances to various different Sephirotics then perhaps at least a system that has several polities with different sorts of orientations. That's a bit of a cheat though, since you asked us to pick just one.

If I had to pick just one it would be the Terran Federation. Moreso than the others, they make a strong effort to involve ordinary sophonts in governance. I would like that, and would participate with enthusiasm. They also seem to have an abundance of living spaces that are, or resemble, earth-like planets, and in terms of physical surroundings I would far prefer to live in a place where the weather of the day is not programmed by anyone, not even me or my voting block, and where the animals and plants are not under close direction and can surprise me. Even if the whole planet was terraformed and seeded it could quickly come to resemble something much less programmed, like our original home world. A well established Banks Orbital would probably also provide something similar.

In terms of places to visit I'd be most inclined to go and stay for a few days or decades in worlds of the Zoeific Bioplity (to see the biosystems), Metasoft (to observe the mechosystems), the Communion of Worlds (I think they would have much I could learn about harmonious communities and relationships), and the Sophic League (for a retreat and meditation on the deeper and less readily explicable aspects of life). I would also want to study some of the xeno worlds that are under the protection of the Caretaker Gods, if I could build the qualifications do to so and could manage it without accidentally violating a rule and being expelled or vaporized. Again if I were sufficiently qualified I'd be interested in helping design and install ecosystem in some of the MPA habs, but probably that kind of work would also be available in my home Sephirotic, the Terran Federation.

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