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Libertarianism, Wiccans and the freeish market
I think I need to say explicitly something I've only said implicitly so far. I am only in favor of Anarcho-Capitalism in a society that is at least capable of being post-scarcity/labor. I strongly suspect a place like the NoCoZo could function, as the incredible cheapness of goods, food and education available in such a technological setting mean that even the poorest person would, one way or another, have all needed things. You'd likely just be short on luxuries, if that.

For now, the real modern world, I tend to mostly agree with Jon Stossel and advocate Minarchism. I want government small and out of people's way in most cases. The only crimes should be those that clearly fall under the Non-Aggression Principle as I previously defined, no victimless crimes. Drugs should be legal and sold openly just as alcohol is by stores, not gangs and cartels. Marriage should at worst be open to all, no discriminating, and at best not in its purview at all. Taxes should be limited solely to a consumption tax; not based on income, no heavily taxing vices or discounting kids, marriage or other things we "should" be doing (social engineering, I call it), none of all that crap. H&R Block will hate it, but the rest of us will never have to file taxes again or worry about entire bookshelves of tax law and I'm sure we'll be happy for it.

I support the idea of a self-defensive military, not the giant bloated thing America has spread everywhere that functions as the world's police. Education, I'd like to at least least the Federal government out and let states handle it (pretty sure the constitution doesn't give them this authority, anyway). I really think Social Security needs to be phased out or at least be completely restructured, as it cannot last in its current form. I fervently think government needs to get out of health insurance and healthcare, or at least massively scale back its involvement. And for the love of all that is good, absolutely no carrying a national debt, always keep a balanced budget. No government program should ever be passed without some way to pay for it.

Now, for some specific stuff.

Eminent Domain- The Lone Holdout: First off, trying to protect someone from one form of Aggression by committing another is not a solution. Second, Aggression is exactly why police and private security exist. Third, I expect someone in the path of something this big will consider possible consequences and choose to either risk it or take the offer, as is their right.

Monopolies: While I don't think these are intractable as some think, I expect these will cease to be a major problem as tech improves. When flying cars and trucks become economical, roads will be at least in poorer demand and at most obsolete. Power Companies will be less powerful or obsolete once solar power, wind power, fuel cell and battery technology improve to the point where everyone can just produce and store their own energy. I expect cable companies will out on their asses soon, as the business models of companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and the like become the norm for television. Add in more ubiquitous internet access through self-replicating aerostats or satellites to take away their niche for providing the access and they really will have no chance.

kch49er Wrote:Right their less cluttered, and a less clutterd market is better because?

Not really sure how to explain that. Less cluttered and easier to understand just means more efficient,

kch49er Wrote:Not neccasarily there is also soverign wealth funds which can be funded from exports- income and investments rather than taxation. I don't think any country relys 100% on this, but with a valuable enough export and small enoguh goverment they might.

Alright, now you're talking. I would tolerate a low consumption tax, but if a government could actually support itself, that would be fantastic.

kch49er Wrote:Could be, though this mass exodus would have a big impact on South Korea.

Might not be so bad. I hear they're pretty good about taking in North Koreans when they do show up. And who says they all would need to stay? South Korea could just be a stepping stone to elsewhere if needed or desired.


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