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Libertarianism, Wiccans and the freeish market
So, saw kch49ers post re decentralized power generation and that got me thinking and then Ares' post re advanced technology made me think we might be onto something here. Will also post it to the Libertarianism in OA thread since it is more focused on OA and might also fit into the update that Rynn is planning to do. Hope you likeSmile

One of the primary issues I see with Libertarianism or other 'free market heavy' social systems is that I don't see them working well within the context of our modern industrial civilization. But maybe that's actually a key point where OA is concerned.

Each of the sephirotics is essentially a constructed society, created and shaped by the ruling transapients. In the case of the NoCoZo, perhaps this takes the form (at least in part) of designing a society that uses decentralized technology and small communities. Such a system might lend itself more readily to a more libertarian/minimal government way of doing things. Advanced tech would make a lot of the things we currently have governments doing either obsolete (who needs roads when you have aircars?) or within the purview of individuals or small groups equipped with advanced automation.

NoCoZo systems might have fewer megastructures and more orbital bands of habitats, ranging in size of from 'small' habs (relatively speaking - they might be Island 1 or Island 3 size) housing individuals or single households to larger habs that are essentially small towns. Individual habs would be nearly self-sufficient, getting energy from the local sun and resources from local asteroids/comets/moons that they either own or buy materials from. Perhaps part of the social ethos engineered into the society is that self-sufficiency and wealth are good, but that greed is not so good (to prevent massive land grabs and related things).

On a final note - A lot of the issues I see with uber free-market systems seem to come out of huge corporations getting involved vs 'small business owners'. And in a highly decentralized and mostly self-sufficient society, there would seem to be less need for big companies anyway. So perhaps we should look at tweaking the current mention of NoCoZo megacorps (we've long struggled with just what a megacorp actually IS or why they would be extant for thousands of years as a type of entity). Perhaps something that is more transient - call it a 'metacorp' - a temporary corporate entity that is created when a number of NoCoZo citizens need to get something done on a scale none of them can do individually - business ventures presumably. Individuals would pool resources (either literally or in the form of capital) and a dedicated project manager may be hired. PMs in this context are specialized AIs or heavily augmented beings who specialize in coordinating all the moving parts of massively complex projects. In some cases, the principles of a project may use something like Unityware or Deeper Covenant emotion ware or MPA Dreamseat tech to form a composite intelligence that runs the project. In some cases a PM may be a transavant or even a transapient in the case of very large and complex projects.

On a smaller and more per person note - The NoCoZo seems to live and breath contracts which would seem to require lots of contract negotiations. Perhaps NoCoZo citizens run specialized exo-selves (or programs in their exo-selves) that are designed for rapid contract negotiation. The user indicates what they want and the Negotiator program then goes out and hammers out a contract that is mutually satisfying for all parties. This could save a lot of time when nearly every interaction is treated as a commercial transaction.

Anyway, just some thoughts,


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